Learn How to Claim Your Business

Claim your Business

  • From property view page
  • Click on Claim your Business Tab

  • Click on “Claim it now”

  • Provide your contact number, which will be used by Admin to call and verify your claim


ERC Responding to the Claim Requests

  • ERC will review your claim and after verifying your claim could be approved/rejected
  • You may receive a verification call
  • Once verified and approved. you will receive notification

Notification and editing the listing

  • Once claim is approved by ERC, you will get a notification for the same

  • You will get the option of editing the details of the claimed property. The option “Edit Listing” will be visible on the Right bottom.

  • On click of “Edit Listing,” you will be able to modify the property details and save changes

    Image: Modify

    Image: Save Changes